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Data proliferation is threatening to overwhelm your business.
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Harness the turbulence

Storage has become more complex: employees and customers/partners are consuming data space on the ground and in the cloud at an uncontrollable rate.

For many organisations, managing varying data workloads is so problematic as storage configurations have become more and more complex with many devices, often from different vendors, spanning multiple sites.

All the while, IT executives are under intense pressure to save money and improve operational efficiency, but often remain at the mercy of reactionary administrative requirements that limit significant changes.

So under these circumstances, what’s the best and most efficient way forward?

Brave the data storm with
software-defined storage

Software-Defined Storage moves advanced functionality out of your storage devices and into your servers, making for easier, more effective, and more comprehensive management. Best of all, this works across multi-vendor storage devices, for both on-premise and off-premise cloud deployments without continually adding costly new hardware.

Advent One, your preferred IBM partner, is ideally positioned to help you with today’s turbulent storage landscape. We get to know your business and challenges, advising on the best mix of solutions available, and safely supporting your organisation into the future.

We get that one-size rarely fits all, so we make sure SDS works with your existing infrastructure, helping you achieve the right balance of hardware, software, cloud and managed services for your business. Above all, we make technology work, so you can get on with running your business.

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Benefits you can expect from
software-defined storage

Get the right data to the right people at the right time at the right cost.

Avoid a rip and replace approach as you complement your existing hardware infrastructure

Enable your storage environment to become cloud-ready, non-disruptively moving data between on-premise and off-premise storage, while centrally managing everything

Migrate to new storage devices in days, not weeks or months without impacting business operations


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Once you manage data proliferation with Advent One, your storage solution can live up to its promise, delivering genuine insight and competitive advantage. That means identifying growth opportunities,operating more efficiently, and better managing risk.
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